ReGather … Returning to Church after Covid-19

ReGather – Update July 9th

Change is HARD!  But we can be assured that God is with us through each and every change we endure.  Over the last few months, we have asked the church to change the way we participate in worship and fellowship together.  The church has been asked to stop meeting together (in person) and start meeting together digitally.  And NOW, just as you have gotten comfortable with that – we are asking you to meet together again, while taking careful precautions in doing so.

Please know that our staff and ministers encourage you to evaluate your own situation and make the choice that is RIGHT for YOU and your family.  If your choose to join us on Sundays, we look forward to seeing you and encourage you to take precautions (sanitize, mask, distance).  If you electing to remain digital, let us know that too, and also share how we can pray for you!


The ReGather documents posted here have been emailed to our church mailing list, posted on social media, and continue to be available here (below).

As we ReGather for LIVE IN PERSON worship services we will continue to stay abreast of, and in accordance with, our Governor’s recommendations for Houses of Worship.  Whatever plan we publish and practice at present is, of course, subject to change based on any new recommendations (statewide) or any concerns that arise locally.

July 9th  UPDATE:  Our Adult & Children’s Sunday Schools will regather beginning this Sunday, July 12th.   Temperature scanning will occur for all minors entering the facility (as well as health screening questions); Adults may also be scanned upon their request.  Masks are encouraged, but not required.  Please continue to follow social distancing recommendations.



We asked our church to complete a Revive to Regather Bible Study through the Psalms of Ascent to help prepare your hearts for worship!  If you have not participated in this reading plan, we encourage you to do so whenever you decide to regather with us!

If you have any questions about gathering with us please do not hesitate to reach out.