Deacon Ministry

In the Bible, words have specific meanings and the word “deacon” means servant.

We are blessed to have men serving as deacons to care for the membership and assist our staff with meeting the needs of the congregation and community.

Our deacons meet with our staff leadership on a regular basis to pray together, share the needs of the church, and support our ministers as they carry out their work. Our deacons are available to our church body should you have a need, they are but a phone call away and the “on duty” schedule (with phone numbers) is posted in the bulletin.

Our deacons have completed a leadership study with our Pastor to affirm their calling, help them grow in the Lord, and guide them in training up others to serve as additional deacons as they are needed.

Serving as a deacon is a calling of God that is then affirmed by the church.  Late in 2021, God called 3 new deacon candidates into service and they are currently working alongside our deacons as yokefellows, training in view of becoming ordained deacons at FBC Fairfield.


***Members may request a printed list of our Deacons (name and and their contact information) from the church office and are encouraged to reach out to the deacons “on duty” when a need arises.  This helps our church office and staff  AND our deacons as they exercise their ministry calling.