Finding Your Next Step


Everyone has a starting place!  To help you Discover your next step with God, we have outlined a few common starting places which are listed below.  Then, if you need help, or want more information, just contact us by

simply completing the contact card:






A Step toward Forgiveness – Salvation

Every person who has ever lived has been faced with the same problem: God is perfect, and I am not.  Something about us is broken, and we have no way of fixing ourselves, or someone else.  The good news is that God has provided the way to repair your brokenness – His name is Jesus. There literally is no greater or more urgent message you’ll ever hear.  That’s why we make such a big deal about Jesus at our church, and we want you to know the joy of being His.  If your NEXT STEP is to be FORGIVEN, we want to help you take that step.  Visit with one of our pastors or ministry leaders today!

A Step toward obedience – Baptism

After you’ve asked for forgiveness and put your trust in Jesus, baptism in water is the way you make public your decision to let Jesus fix your brokenness!  It’s an act of obedience to God and a visible way you show others how Jesus is now the King of your life.  Have you trusted in Jesus, but haven’t been baptized yet?  This is your next step.  You can find a great informational brochure at The Gathering Place and you can check out a Baptism preparation workbook from the church office. Contact us to learn more about baptism and to set a date on the calendar for your baptism.

A Step toward commitment – Church membership


Why be a “joiner”? Well, you need healthy relationships, a place you can grow and use your gifts, a place where you belong to something bigger than you!

Membership is the way that you commit to God and to the church that you will serve and live out your faith as a part of our community of believers.  It’s not about getting rights or “perks”; it’s about joining the FBCF family and promising to love, encourage, and pray for one another.  Are you a Christian who’s been attending our services, but you have not made the commitment to membership?  Contact us for help with taking this NEXT STEP.  We’ll help you learn about the ways you can become a member of the FBCF family and register for our next Discover Class (class for newcomers and candidates for membership) and luncheon, which are hosted frequently.

A Step toward others – Join a group

Are you looking to get to know others in the church or study God’s Word with other people?  This is your NEXT STEP!

Groups come in all types and sizes at FBCF.  Being a part of a Group is a way for you to build friendships, be encouraged, and study the Bible with others in a smaller setting than our worship services. 

Our Sunday Morning Small Groups (or Sunday School), meet before the Worship Service, at 9:30am.  These are open classes, meet year round, and all are invited to join in at anytime (you won’t be behind)!  Just take this next step by arriving on campus just before 9:30am and we will help you step on over to a class group!


Other groups meet on week nights – on campus, or off campus.   While these are open to all, we do encourage registration for these groups, for several reasons: Some groups require a book purchase or are “building block” studies that could leave you behind if you jump in after the class has already started.  Some groups change their meeting locations each week.  Some groups meet only once a month, are men only, women only, or age specific.  If you are interested in a week night small group, visit The Gathering Place for more information or complete a Response card and one of our group leaders will contact you to help you along the way in this next step!

If you have already taken the step to connect with one of the above listed groups, but still want to grow deeper, your NEXT STEP could be one-on-one discipleship with one of our ministry leaders.  To learn more, visit The Gathering Place or complete a Response Card and one of our ministry leaders will contact you about this next step!

A Step toward sharing and service – Volunteer


We are never more like Jesus than when we are sharing with and serving others.  Whether it’s in our church – volunteering with our van ministry, helping greet new guests, or keeping up our facilities – or out in the community or across the oceans, every FBCF member has been uniquely gifted by God to share the love of Jesus with others.  We are to “GO and make disciples,” telling them about Jesus and showing them how much He loves them. Have you discovered where your place of service is?  Do you know how to tell others about Jesus? God wants to use you for His Kingdom.  Let us help you connect with the mission of God through the NEXT STEP of service.

A Step toward generosity – Giving back

It’s amazing that God chooses to use us to make His Name known in our community and around the world.  Your gifts to FBCF enable us to serve others and move forward in obedience to Him.  The regular giving of our church members and attendees supply the financial means to carry out the mission God has given us to make disciples of all nations.  You can give (here) through the website, through text giving, or use an offering envelope during the worship service. Will you partner with us by taking this NEXT STEP?